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Musical discoveries and rediscoveries


In 2010, for reasons as yet unknown, I’ve discovered / rediscovered some incredible songs that echo my moods, my values, and what I think music should do: move you. Move you to dance, to sing, to cry, to laugh, to think. Here they are, embed and all, as a testimony to my romantic soul, and my eclectic taste in music.

1. Nana Caymmi – Nao se esqueca de mim  – I first heard it in a Brazilian soap opera that I unashamedly watched, and I keep listening to it since, because I too cannot erase long lost loves from my heart and mind and hope that somewhere, some way, I am part of the life of the people who have meant so much to me.

2. Dolly Parton – Jolene – I kinda always knew this song existed, but never properly listened. And then I read online that people were listening to it again due to a snippet played on 90210’s new season. I’d heard the snippet (I watch the new 90210 because I grew into womanhood with the old one) but it didn’t strike me. However, the original did, and it’s one of my ambitions to sing it on stage with a band (or at least karaoke).

3. Malena – Adriana Varela – This is a renewal of an old admiration for Adriana Varela, and a profound liking for her interpretation of Malena. I guess the song spoke to me again when I restarted singing, because it speaks of shadow-filled voices, and the pain imbued in the bandoneon, and pouring your heart out in verses.

4. Maria Tanase – Blestem (Curse) because it embodies, in a sorrowful voice, all my rage at the hurt of love and abandonment .

5. Maria Dolores Pradera – Pa todo el ano – This has ever been my theme song. The one that speaks about hurt and dealing in destructive ways, and ruin and spite and love. It’s rediscovered, because I did not need its sadness until last spring, but now I do.

Por tu amor que tanto quiero y tanto extraño
Que me sirvan otra copa y muchs mas
Que me sirvan de una vez pa todo el año
Que me quiero seriamente emborrachar

Si te cuentan que me vieron bien borracha
Orgullosamente diles que es por ti
Porque yo tendre el valor de no negarlo
Gritare que por tu amor me estoy matando
Y sabran que por tus besos me perdi

Para de hoy en adelante ya el amor no me interesa
Cantare por todo el mundo
Mi dolor y mi tristeza
Porque se que de este golpe
Ya no voy a levantarme
Aunque yo no lo quisiera
Voy a morirme de amor

But Maria Dolores has some other songs which are entirely appropriate (and musically amazing)

Fallaste corazon – of course you have failed my heart…

Hace un ano – it’s been a year and a bit, and the healing is not complete.

Hace un año que yo tuve una ilusión
Hace un año que hoy se cumple en éste día
Recordando que en tus brazos me dormía
Y yo inocente, muy confiada te entregué mi corazón.

Ese tiempo tan feliz no volverá
Mi cariño lo pagaste con traiciones
Me has dejado sólo crueles decepciones
Pero anda ingrata, como pagas otra así te pagará.

El recuerdo de tu amor quiero olvidar
Te quisiera yo borrar del pensamiento
Me quisiera emborrachar de sentimiento
Pero es inútil, que borracha más y más me he de acordar.

Hace un año que yo tuve una ilusión

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